ISU Discrete Math Seminar


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Fall 2022

September 6 Bryan Curtis (Iowa State University)
  • Zero forcing with random sets
September 13 JD Nir (Toronto Metropolitan University)
  • The Benevolent Turán graph: All graphs are Turán-good
September 20 Andrea Freschi (University of Birmingham)
  • The induced saturation problem for posets
September 27 Sean English (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
  • Lower bounds on generalized Ramsey numbers via color energy
October 11 Enrique Gomez-Leos (Iowa State University)
  • A new infinite family of equiisoclinic tight fusion frames
October 18 Henry Simmons (Iowa State University)
  • Regular Graphs with Extremal Rigidity Properties
October 25 Joel Jeffries (Iowa State University)
  • Can you hear the shape of a tree?
November 1 Ruth Luo (University of South Carolina)
  • Minimum degree conditions ensuring the existence of long cycles in hypergraphs
November 8 Anna Halfpap (University of Montana)
  • Rational exponent questions for generalized extremal numbers
November 15 Riana Roux (Stellenbosch University)
  • Reconfiguration problems in graphs
November 29 Vic Bednar (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • An Upper Bound on the Rainbow Turán Number for Trees
December 6 Ryan Cushman (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)
  • The Erdős-Gyárfás function $f(n,4,5)$

Spring 2022

January 25 Chris Cox (Iowa State University)
  • Incoherent ramblings
February 1 Zdeněk Dvořák (Charles University)
  • Asymptotic dimension of graph classes
February 8 Chris Cox (Iowa State University)
  • Incoherent Ramblings II: Electric Boogaloo
February 15 Dan Cranston (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Kempe Equivalent List Colorings
February 22 Ryan Martin (Iowa State University)
  • Splits with forbidden graphs
March 1 Abdul Basit (Iowa State University)
  • Tuza's Conjecture and a generalization to hypergraphs
March 8 Eoin Hurley (Universität Heidelberg)
  • Sufficient Conditions for Perfect Mixed Tilings
March 22 Jason McCullough (Iowa State University)
  • Chow rings, chromatic polynomials, geometric lattices, and more
March 29 Matt Superdock (Rhodes College)
  • Small simplicial complexes with fundamental group $\mathbb{Z}^{n}$
April 5 Anton Bernshteyn (Georgia Tech)
  • Weak degeneracy of graphs
April 8 Misha Lavrov (Kennesaw State University)
  • Fantastic cycles and why we would want to find them
April 12 Balázs Patkós (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics)
  • $Q$-ary generalizations of set intersection and extremal graph theoretic problems
April 19 Corrine Yap (Rutgers University)
  • Multicolored hypergraph Ramsey numbers
April 22 Mohsen Aliabadi (Iowa State University)
  • Matchings matroids over abelian groups
April 26 Zoe Wellner (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Colorful Borsuk-Ulam Results, Their Generalizations and Applications
May 3 RTG group report
  • On Sign Patterns of Row Orthogonal Matrices
May 10 Sam Spiro (UCSD)
  • Semi-restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors

Fall 2021

September 2 Chris Cox (Iowa State University)
  • A toadally ribbeting and unfrogettable tale of longest common subsequences
September 9 Bryan Curtis (Iowa State University)
  • Sign Patterns of Row Orthogonal Matrices
September 16 Joey Iverson (Iowa State University)
  • Equiangular lines over finite fields
September 30 Ting-Wei Chao (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Finite Field Kakeya Problem
October 14 József Balogh (University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign)
  • Improved upper bounds on the size of Sidon sets
October 21 Boris Bukh (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Extremal graphs without exponentially-small bicliques
October 28 Samuel Mohr (Masaryk University)
  • Uniform Turán density
November 4 Jiaxi Nie (UC San Diego)
  • On Asymptotic Packing of Geometric Graphs
November 11 Emily Heath (Iowa State University)
  • The Ordered Size Ramsey Number of Paths
November 18 Annie Raymond (University of Massachusetts)
  • Tropicalization of graph profiles
November 29 Zhanar Berikkyzy (Fairfield University)
  • Long cycles in Balanced Tripartite Graphs
December 2 Daniel McGinnis (Iowa State University)
  • Ehrhart theory of paving and panhandle matroid polytopes
December 9 Xiaonan Liu (Georgia Tech)
  • Polynomial $\chi$-binding functions for $t$-broom-free graphs

Spring 2021

January 14 Borut Lužar (FIS)
  • From proper to strong edge-colorings of subcubic graphs
January 21 Andrzej Grzesik (Jagiellonian University)
  • Turán problem for degenerated graphs
January 28 Ryan Martin (Iowa State University)
  • Planar Turán number of the 6-cycle
February 4 Chris Cox (Iowa State University)
  • The maximum number of paths and cycles in planar graphs
February 11 Ron Holzman (Technion)
  • On convex holes in $d$-dimensional point sets
February 18 Joe Briggs (Technion)
  • Extremal collections of $k$-uniform vectors
February 25 Bennet Goeckner (University of Washington)
  • Type cones and products of simplices
March 4 Jüergen Kritschgau (Iowa State University)
  • Rainbow problems on groups and graphs (PhD Defense)
March 11 Dan Cranston (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • In Most 6-regular Toroidal Graphs All 5-colorings are Kempe Equivalent
March 18 Anton Bernshteyn (Georgia Tech)
  • Catching an invisible intruder on subdivisions of a graph
March 25 Kate Lorenzen (Iowa State University)
  • Cospectral constructions and spectral properties of variations of the distance matrix (PhD Defense)
April 1 Lauren Keough (Grand Valley State University)
  • Distinguishing colorings and determining sets for Mycielskian graphs
April 8 Boris Bukh (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Empty axis-pallel boxes
April 15 Allison Beemer (University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire)
  • When cut-sets don't cut it: bounds on adversarial network capacity
April 22 Mike Tait (Villanova University)
  • Spectral Turán problems
April 29 József Balogh (University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign)
  • On Robustness of The Erdős–Ko–Rado Theorem
May 6 Daniel McGinnis (Iowa State University)
  • Helly-type theorems in the plane (Prelim)